Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY: Redesign your old denim shorts!

Hi there! So these shorts are at the top of my "most worn-out items" list. I got it for only 10 bucks when I was on a school trip in Korea. The quality of the material is so good that it has lasted me more than 2 years! I like its distressed denim design at the front but all the machine washing has caused the "distressed" parts to completely tear apart and I was literally left with a big hole in that area. Not a style I could pull off. Instead of throwing it away, I wanted to give it a make over. 

What you'll need:
1. Old denim shorts
2. Fabric scissors or any large scissors
3. Sewing thread and needle
4. Any print or pattern of your choice
5. Studs and spikes (optional)
I used one of my old floral tops but you can use any piece of fabric that has a print or pattern that you like. You could even add studs and spikes!

1. Lay out your fabric on the back pocket and mark out the shape with a pencil.

2. Cut out the shape that you want. I did not want to cover the whole pocket.

3.You can cover one or both back pockets but I decided to cover only the right side. Sew it on.

4. Cut out your fabric into the size of the area you want to patch up.

5. Turn your shorts inside out and sew it on.
6. If you have any studs or spikes, plan out how you will place them carefully before hooking them on.
7. Enjoy your new shorts!


Ta-daaa! This was how mine turned out. Considering that I had to teach myself how to sew, I'm very happy with the outcome! *pats myself on the back* I purposely chose the floral prints because it's a trend this spring/summer. I haven't decided if I'll add any studs or spikes yet. 
What do you think? =D


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Online shopping

DISCLAIMER: I purchased all of these items with my own money. I am in no way affiliated with the brands/companies mentioned in this post.
Hi there! 
Personally, I've always had mixed feelings about online shopping. I'm very paranoid that my items may be lost during shipping or that they won't fit me well. But I can't deny that it is convenient and I always find unique and trendy items online.

I've been browsing through some local blog shops and just couldn't resist these items. I wasn't looking for anything specific but I do have a weakness for knit tops and floral prints. I ended up ordering three items from three different blog shops. The first 2 items arrived about 4 days after I confirmed my payment and I was so excited! The 3rd item, a dress, hasn't arrived yet. But so far, I'm very happy about my purchases!
Rose Knit Pullover from Noixcracker (27 SGD including shipping)
I just think this top is so lovely. It has a high-low hemline and I love the keyhole cut out at the back. The material is thin enough for me to wear this coming spring/summer season and it is very, very soft. It comes in one size, large, so it is a bit oversized which makes it more adorable. 
Noixcracker has become one of my fave blog shops not only for their trendy collection but also because of their swift service. I will definitely be shopping more from them in the future. Check them out, they ship worldwide!

Cream Knitted Sweater from Quinze (26 SGD including shipping)
 I was really drawn to the detailing of this sweater. Doesn't it look like expensive cashmere? But for half the price! I was so pleased with the material when I tried it on. Now you may be thinking, "Do you really need that in Singapore's hot weather?" Yes I do need it! Even if it's mostly hot and sunny outside, I'm always indoors where it is air-conditioned and cold. Now I can look cute while feeling perfectly warm and cozy, especially on rainy days!
The sweater actually looks thicker than it really is, so it isn't too thick or uncomfortable to wear. Quinze has a great collection of unique but very affordabe items and they also ship internationally!

I just wanna blog about my Saturday. I actually wore this sweater to work this morning. I work at a small gifts/crafts shop and I always get VERY cold during my shifts, so this kept me nice and warm. I also tied my hair into a fishtail braid.

 After work I was craving for my favourite caramel frappe so I headed to the nearby Starbucks. I only wanted to get a tall frappe but I noticed the cute mugs sold there and the even cuter barista. HAHA. I ended up spending more money than I needed to ($10++!) How can I say no to good coffee and a cute barista? Maybe I'll be going to that Starbucks more often. Hehehe.

How's your weekend so far?


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How I style: Button Up Tops

DISCLAIMER: I purchased all of these items with my own money. I am in no way affiliated with the brands/companies mentioned in this post.
I actually had a bit of a dilemma yesterday as I was trying to pick an outfit for school. I felt like I've worn my  favourite top (2nd from the left) too many times this month. I'm sure some of you ladies have experienced this too. Haha. Well, I love my button-up tops as they are not too casual nor formal for school. There are other types (long-sleeves and peter pan collars) which I have yet to add to my wardrobe. Today I just wanna share some of the ways I like to style these versatile tops.

Apologies in advance for the awkward poses and quality of the pictures, I'm still trying to get the hang of photography and editing!

Top: Pepper Plus, Cardigan: Esprit, Shorts: Cotton On, Necklace: Forever 21
I just adore the colour of this top, light turquoise. I used to only wear this by itself but this morning I paired it with this cute necklace and cardigan. I was pleased with the outcome, the necklace resembles a bowtie which I thought was a nice touch.

Top: H&M, Shorts: Cotton On, Necklace: Rubi
This black top is a staple piece, it can match almost everything in your closet. I just went for this cool angel wings necklace and buttoned it all the way up. Sophisticated look? Close enough :)

Top & Necklace: Forever 21,  Shorts: Cotton On, White tank: H&M
Is it just me or do blue & white stripes always look nautical? This gorgeous anchor necklace matches the top well for a "sailor" inspired outfit. Also, I can just button it up, ditch the anchor necklace and it still looks cute!

Top: Thrifted, Shorts: Forever 21
Check out those adorable bows for buttons! I wanted the focus to be on that detail so I didn't accessorize. Instead, I opted for my favourite shorts ever. If you can't already tell, I love pink. These shorts were made for me!

Shoes for all the looks: TOMS!
These are my go-to shoes for school. Super comfy and matches most of my outfits .
All the accessories used

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you got some inspiration from these outfits. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

 I am actually in the midst of exams, so I won't be posting until Friday. I'm so excited for my school break ! SO MANY BLOG POST IDEAS.

I think my next post shall be my February Favourites. Any of you have done one already? Leave me a link and i'll check it out.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Liebster Award

Wow, I am so honoured to be nominated for this award by Ariadna , who has a great blog definitely worth checking out! 

 Just to explain briefly, this award is presented to blogs with interesting content but with only less than 200 followers. "Liebster" is actually a German word which translates to "dearest" in English. I am beyond flattered that my brand new blog is considered deserving of this recognition! 

Rules of the Liebster Award:

1. Link back the person who nominated you
2. Write 11 random facts about you
2. Answer the 11 questions from the person that nominated you
4. Nominate 11 people and come up with 11 questions for them to answer

Questions from Ariadna:

1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

The Maldives!

2.Who's your favourite YouTuber? 

Ryan Higa

3.What's the worst film you have ever seen? And the best one? 

Worst: Paranormal Activity 1- I couldn't sleep for 3 nights after watching it.
Best : The Notebook

4.What's your favourite shop? 


5.Who's your favourite singer? (or band) 

Singer: Rihanna
Band: All Time Low (Seeing them live next month!)

6.What's your most worn out item?

Denim shorts

7.If you could meet anyone, who would it be? 

Finn Harries 

8. What's your dream job? 

To write and direct films, but I've accepted that this isn't gonna happen.

9.If you had a daughter what would her name be? 

A name taken from her father's name.

10. Who's your favourite blogger?

Zoella , she inspired me to start this blog.

11. Are you addicted to any social networks? 
ANY?! More like ALL of them! 

Haha, especially Twitter & Instagram!











11 Questions From Me
  1. How do you describe your fashion style?
  2. Who's your favourite blogger?
  3. How long have you been blogging?
  4. What is your favorite make-up brand?
  5. Do you spend more money on fashion or beauty products?
  6. Who do you look up to the most?
  7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you stay?
  8. What's your dream job?
  9. Favorite tv shows at the moment?
  10. What kind of music is on your playlist?
  11. If you were to have a daughter, what would you name her?

This is such a great way to know more about fellow bloggers. Thank you so much, I hope you have fun doing this tag as well! 


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lashes Of London Blogger Competition

This is my entry for the blogger competition by Lashes of London!
Link to their website:

I know it's a long shot but it's worth a try. I've just found out about it today and rushed into making my own entry as the deadline is tomorrow, 17th february for submission. Argh, I really wish I found out about it sooner, it's been open for entries since about 2 weeks ago! 

Anyway, this was also the first time I've come across their site and I gotta say, I love their collection of trendy pieces that are hard to find here in Singapore... and they do ship worldwide! There were so many pieces that I wanted in my wardrobe and these are just a few of my faves. 


Candy Cane Sequin Skater Dress £37.50 

(62 SGD)

Wearing this dress can make anyone look effortlessly chic.The colour combination is perfect. The sequins add a touch of glamour without making the dress too flashy. Love it!

Metallica Skater Dress

£65.00 (107.46 SGD)
This dress is definitely a head-turner. Just think about how stunning you would look wearing this to any upcoming party.
Violetta metallic lace skater skirt
£45.00 (74.40 SGD)
Just read the description of the skirt again. It's a metallic & lace skater skirt with a very pretty pattern. This is clearly a must-have!
Atlantis Sequin Minidress (also comes in black)
£32.50 (53.73 SGD)
It is THE perfect dress for a fun night out.
Cult PU pleated skirt
£21.00 (34.72 SGD)
Thinking about all the possible outfits I can create by pairing with this skirt is making me too excited already. Something about pleated skirts just really makes an outfit look well put together.
Iris watercolour dip-hem skirt
£40.00 (66.13 SGD)
The colour combination is beautiful. I would pair this with a plain top to balance out the busy pattern or even a bikini top at the beach!

Palms Belted Playsuit

£14.70 (24 SGD)

I love how this playsuit can be easily dressed up or down with the right accessories. 

The prize is a £200 voucher to spend at How awesome is that?! 

To join
  1. Create your own wish list style collage of your favourite items from Lashes of London
  2. Post about it on your blog with a link through to the Lashes website using this link:
  3. Email the link of your blog post to

The collage can include as many items as you want, they do not have to come to a total of £200. 

On 18th February, Lashes of London will upload their favourite 8 collages to their Facebook page and then announce the final winner on Tuesday 19th February!

Good Luck Everyone !

Friday, February 15, 2013


Hi there! I just thought this would be a fun way to start my little blog. I know it's not beauty or fashion related  (Next post will be, i promise!) but it's a good way to get to know me. Many other bloggers have done this and I will be listing my faves at the end of this post. So here are 25 random facts about me :)

1. I instantly like someone if I like the way they say my name. It's often mispronounced because of the strange spelling - Arianne , most people would think the last letter "e" is silent but no, It's read as Arian-nie.

2. My mood depends on the people around me. Very, very much.

3. I want to collect polaroid pictures but I only have 4 right now since I don't own a polaroid cam yet.

4. I don't wear make-up on a daily basis and honestly, my make-up skills equal to that of a 12 year old boy. My everyday style is casual although I would like to experiment more with fashion. That's why I call myself a beauty and fashion enthusiast, not a guru. Here's a picture of me without make-up.

5. I love extreme amusement rides! I wish to visit all the best theme parks in the world and try out all the rides. Ah, that would be fun!

6. My all time favourite video game is Harvest Moon - To everyone who's ever played it or still playing it now... *HUGS*

7. I like to observe and admire other people's eyes. I think hazel green eyes are the most stunning. Sadly, I only have dark brown eyes.

8.  I love the beach but I prefer to stay on the shore, the ocean scares me. 

9. Someday I want to get a tattoo either on my wrist or rib cage. Or both. 

10. If you yell at me, there is a 99.9% chance that I will cry.

11. I can't swim in deep waters- I panic instead.

12. Top 5 places I want to visit before I die

  •  The Maldives - My dream wedding venue by the beach 
  • France- To visit the louvre, versailles palace and the eiffel tower 
  • LA, California- Especially for Santa Monica State Beach
Photo courtesy of Albert Valles, Flickr

  • UK- I love the british culture and the english accent 
  • Australia - For the hot guys

13. My idea of a perfect gift is a puppy. A shiba inu. If you give me one I will love you forever.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

14. I love playing beach volleyball but I'm not very good at it.

15. I taught myself to play the guitar. (Not very well but STILL)

16. I have a habit of sniffing my own hair throughout the day just to check if it still smells good.

17. Dark chocolate makes me happy. I used to hate it as a little kid.

18. I have nyctophobia- a severe fear of darkness. If I can't see anything around me, my imagination goes insane which leads to panic attacks.

19. I'm not a fan of teddy bears.

20.My favourite flowers are the cherry blossoms 
Photo courtesy of Tumblr

21. I'm an insomniac- I love sleeping but I have trouble falling asleep every night.

22. Afraid of frogs and cats *shivers*

23. I got bit by a rabbit once on my finger and I still can't get over it.

24. I'm a really good procrastinator.

25. My dream job is to write and direct films. 

I hope that wasn't too long and boring ! As promised here are the links to my favorite bloggers who have done this too ! 

Thanks for making it to the end of my first post!